Album Review: Thor Jensen – ‘I’ll Be Alright’

Thor Jensen’s debut solo EP ‘I’ll Be Alright’ is a sophisticated rock album with a classic feel and bluesy American roots. The opening title track ‘I’ll Be Alright’ has all the trappings of a classic rock love song with the quality sound of modern production. In this track, Thor strikes a perfect back and forth with the guitar and vocals. The lyrics tell the story of a love-struck man that has his entire world changed. The power of love is expressed in the lyrics “your kiss is hot enough to burn my toes and six months later I’m still melting in the snow.” His wealth of playing experience shows in the instrumental sections that are just as powerful as the vocals.

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“Quite a Feeling” A mournful track about the pain of being away from the person you love. Although he’s sure this is the life he wants, Thor laments leaving loved ones behind in order to pursue his dreams because he is “A dreamer in a car.” Thor’s honesty and vulnerability will have listeners reflecting on the people they hold dear. The use of brushes and a methodical beat on drums along with the glass slide held notes on guitar will make you feel like you’re leaving everything behind on a one-way train.

“What Have I Done” opens with a slow, haunting guitar section that fades to make way for Thor’s powerful vocals. This may be his strongest vocal performance on the record. He is raw and emotional when he sings, and his guitar solos are built to match. You can feel the sorrowful energy emanating from his solos as they build slowly and come crashing down like waves on a rocky shore. 

Thor closes out the album with a bluesy swagger. “Hear You Cry” has an attitude in spades with a swinging bass solo and catchy snapping to bring in the beat. The use of a chorus pedal on guitar gives this song the added texture and craftsmanship that Thor is known for. “Shake Your Hips” is sure to bring everyone to the dance floor. Thor’s infectious guitar playing backed with groovy bass lines and stomping drums immediately gets heads nodding and feet tapping. In between the vocal section, the whole band shows what they’re capable of with intricate instrumental sections. The spotlight swings from player to player on this track and it is one of the most exciting tracks on the album. This 5 song EP comes in big, exits even bigger, and will leave you clamoring for more.

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  1. I’ll Be Alright
  2. Quite a Feeling
  3. What Have I Done
  4. Hear You Cry
  5. Shake Your Hips

Thor Jensen’s latest EP I’ll Be Alright is out now.