Twister Release Anthemic ’64 White Lies’

Are you after some solid rock that will move you to your bones?  Then, Twister, are the rockers for you. Furthermore, the band have just released their latest single ’64 White Lies’.  It’s a stand out track that is one to get you rocking out.

Their latest single, ’64 White Lies’, is topped with loads of solid guitar riffs coupled with matching harmonies, with accents of prog rock that are levelled out with plenty of grit.  The production gives an effortless finish to the track, yet still delivers the genuine originality skills of the band.  They never faulter on showmanship either and bring it with absolutely every live show.

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Twister Niche

Twister is based in Durham, UK.  They have created a niche for themselves in the way that they have designed their authentic sound, which equates to solid guitar work and clever melodies.  Plus, they deliver just as much for their live performances as they do in the studios. They have received praise from bands like Status Quo, Surface Unsigned, and Kerrang! Radio’s Johnny Doom, who has labeled the band as “one to watch”.

Twister is a band to follow and certainly catch live, plus, there is no doubt you will simply love their new single. Therefore if you love catchy, bare-bones rock music, Twister is sure to leave a lasting impression with their latest release ’64 White Lies’. Also, be sure to follow Twister on their official social media accounts to keep up to date with everything they are up to.